Palestinian Jaffas Collective

The Jaffa Orange is an Orange variety developed in Jaffa, Palestine which was exported all over the world. This design is a vintage inspired label of that produce which helped Jaffa become the economic and cultural capital of Palestine. It's distinguished by its oval shape and thick peel, which is deep orange in colour and normally very easy to remove from the fruit. Its tough skin makes it "especially suitable for export".

Orange groves at Bir Salim

Palestinian historian Mustafa Khaba recounts that in the late 1920’s, the Palestinian press conducted a survey to determine what flag the Palestinians wanted to adopt following their independence. An attachment to the fruit was clearly highlighted in the survey as the majority of the respondents felt that the green and orange colourings of citrus fruit represented Palestine best

The packaging of oranges in a family workshop in Jaffa, 1907

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