Sudan Revolution Fundraiser Collective

Freedom, Peace, and Justice - الحرية, السلام, العدالة - in the arms of the Sudanese Woman. In collaboration with Sudanese artist Yasmin Elnour (IG:@kandaka.khronicles)

All proceeds until September 30 2023 go to Sudan Art and Design Library - a project dedicated to the creation of a public art and design library in post-revolution Sudan.

The library will collect and give the public free and open access to art objects, books, and media from both Sudan and abroad

In the summer of 2019, Sudanese Revolutionaries ended the 30 year rule of Omar Al Bashir’s dictatorship. This 3-year anniversary piece is dedicated to them and the people of the Sudanese diaspora. To the Revolutionaries who continuously sacrifice for a free, peaceful, and just Sudan. To the Diaspora who feel the guilt of not being able to physically be there to fight for what is right alongside their countrymen and women.

Available in a hoodietote bag, posterstickert shirtlong sleevesweateriPhone casemug, hat, and water bottle